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Great Nutrition, Great Taste

Stop tasting cardboard, and experience the wide range of flavors that Muscle Factory offers.

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More than Body Building

Muscle Factory offers more than body building supplements; we have wellness supplements too!

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Love Your Body

Whether you're body building, or just building your body, we have what you need!

Cutting Edge Science

You demand the best from your body; our cutting edge supplements ensure that you out-perform the competition, everytime.


We compete and lift next to you, every day. We care deeply for your fitness, as a member of our community. We won't sell what you shouldn't use.

Precise Engineering

Stop buying supplements with filler content. Treat your body like the precise machine it is with top-of-the-line dietary supplements.

More for Less

Stop buying from national chains that charge obscene amounts of inflation. More money in your pockets gives you yet another edge.

The Greatest of All

  The body is a machine that needs more maintenance than the most finicky of automobiles, but the return on investment is astounding! You're here because you recognize that, and you're looking to either begin your journey into nutritional wellness, or you're looking to continue. You've come to the right place: whether you're looking to buy supplements for less, or you need guidance to pass your plateau, you've reached the Muscle Factory.

Fast, Friendly, & Cheap

  Muscle Factory is here specifically for you, and we revolve around you as well. We want to be your small local store for all of your supplemental needs, so we make sure we're cheaper, friendlier, and more knowledgable than the others! Whether you're looking at body building, or just building your body, our local supplement shop has what you need at the price you want.


William Caldwell

The Owner

Cristina Marin

The Trainer

Thomas Culp

The Right Hand Man

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View BMI Class
< 18.5Underweight
18.5 – 24.9Normal Weight
25.0 – 29.9Overweight
30.0 – 34.9Class I Obesity
35.0 – 39.9Class II Obesity
≥ 40.0  Class III Obesity  

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